Fort Bragg Military Attorney

Not all civilian attorneys are equal. We believe in a better experience.

Experience matters

A deep understanding of military procedures and the steps involved in defending your case makes a difference- make sure your attorney knows how to proceed in your defense with confidence.

Personal attention

With more than 10 years of experience helping military personnel, you know you’re getting the talent and dedication of a trusted attorney.

Work directly with Meghan

You’ll be kept informed for the duration of your case so you know what to expect and to allow you to make critical decisions about your future.

Legal Counsel You Can Trust in Fort Bragg, NC

Experience matters when you have a complex military matter such as an administrative separation hearing, a general officer reprimand, or the many rebuttals that may be associated with an allegation of wrongdoing.

Since the culture of the military is distinct from the culture of civilians, and since specific processes apply in military cases surrounding issues at Fort Bragg, effective legal representation is essential if you have been accused of any serious wrongdoing.

Do not allow any issues to put your future at stake such as a reduction in rank, loss of future veteran benefits or a less than honorable discharge. Engaging an experienced military criminal defense attorney as soon as possible in your case can minimize the military and civilian consequences.

Comprehensive Experience with Military Matters for Fort Bragg Soldiers

You need someone who has extensive experience with the legal and military issues surrounding the complex concerns such as Inspector General (IG) investigations, Court-Martial defense, GOMOR rebuttals, administrative separations, traffic tickets, and STAB hearings.

Hiring an experienced military defense attorney can be the difference between losing your family and your career versus winning your case or saving your career. Pleading guilty should be an option of last resort.

It should be the goal of your army defense attorney to be prepared to fight all of the allegations in front of a military panel. The desired outcome of the service member should be the primary concern of any defense attorney. You should never be forced into pleading guilty at the last minute or accepting consequences without a comprehensive defense.

You Are Not
Just Another Case

When you hire Meghan Glushenko,
you’ll be given the attention
and care that you deserve.


Ten years in the field and a track record of serving military personnel with compassion and an eye for detail ensures that your case becomes a top priority as soon as you become a client.


Get help immediately when you have a pending military defense, rebuttal, or revocation issue. Get the peace of mind provided by having a lawyer who knows the system and how to protect you engaged immediately.


Mistakes happen, and working with an attorney who will explore all options available to you ensures that you have the chance to make informed choices about your future that protect your career, character, and family.


Know where you stand with a lawyer who keeps you informed from the moment she’s hired on your case. Get up-to-date information so you can respond effectively when a question or issue arises.

Trial Ready.

Military courts-martial and procedures move quickly but also require the insight of an experienced attorney who knows why these cases are unique. Make sure you have someone ready to offer comprehensive defense for trial.

We win.

Successful client outcomes are the key element in the development of strategies for your case. Knowing that your future is on the line, your individual needs and goals are kept top of mind in your military defense case.

Our Clients Explain It Best

Meet Meghan Glushenko


Compassion, commitment, and knowledge of military member needs guide representation.

Meghan’s history as an active duty trial defense counsel means she has an deep understanding of what’s involved in defending a military case and the fact that not all civilian lawyers are created equal.

With a limited caseload so she can focus on your individual case and communicate with you until its conclusion, she arranges her schedule around your needs to ensure you have access to a caring and talented lawyer when you need it most. You’ll know what you’re going to receive as a client and you’ll be notified of updates in your case from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bigger is not necessarily better. Not when it comes to you as the client among possibly 100 or more other clients waiting to have your cases handled by the attorney or his staff. The time spent handling your case and giving you the personal attention that you deserve will be directly affected by the many others handled by the lawyer or firm with many cases. Everyone loses when that happens. Meghan Glushenko Law takes only a few cases at any time so she is able to focus on quality of representation instead of volume of clients.

Meghan is a Fort Bragg local. Meghan Glushenko Law isn’t an out-of-state or large military defense firm with a “local presence” in Fort Bragg, like some other ads you will see. Meghan is based in, and lives around Fort Bragg just like you. Meghan is a veteran member of your community who has been practicing law in and out of the Army for the past 11 years. This is important if you want your case handled by a lawyer who has practiced and is a part of your community and has the experience with the JAGs or Commanders against you or the military judges on Fort Bragg. The mutual respect and relationships even with adversaries work to your advantage if you have your local counsel.

Yes! Meghan does most of her client consultations after 8:00 p.m. and on the weekends. Meghan knows first hand that Soldiers and DA civilians can’t just leave work to speak with an attorney. Meghan regularly helps clients after duty hours and on the weekends. Meghan believes working with an attorney should be at your convenience.

Meghan Glushenko Law accepts credit cards and charges a flat rate for all services depending on the complexity of your issue. Ms. Glushenko’s flat rate billing provides you the security of knowing up front how much your legal services will cost and the peace of mind to know that you won’t be charged additional fees.

Meghan’s legal practice is built on focused representation of clients. She prided herself on the reputation she has built as a talented and reliable military defense attorney.

While the majority of attorneys advertising their services may claim the two are the same, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. You should ask the attorney you are interviewing if he or she has personally tried similar matters and what those results were. You should ask them how many trials, what types of cases, what their success ratios are. Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions, as you will only get your best match when you are satisfied with the answers.

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