Fort Bragg Military Attorney

A committed lawyer who knows the military and your needs when facing a complex legal issue.

A practicing attorney since 2006, Meghan Glushenko knows military criminal law and administrative procedures. She previously served as a trial counsel, senior trial counsel, defense counsel, chief of justice, and senior defense counsel.

She has broad trial experience with complex cases affecting military service members, including false official statement, fraud, rape, HIV-aggravated assault, false imprisonment, maiming, drug distribution, domestic violence, AWOL, abuse of a subordinate, indecent acts with a minor, DWI, disrespect, criminal possession of a weapon, and child pornography.

Background and Education

Meghan graduated from the Syracuse University Accelerated Liberal Arts Law Program to receive her B.A. and J.D. in just six years. From there, she received her LL.M in Trial Advocacy from Temple University, a program ranked nationally in the top three for trial advocacy. She graduated with honors and her work is still featured on the Temple University website. She has extensive experience in trial advocacy, and currently serves as adjunct professor of trial advocacy in the Temple LL.M. program.

With her background in the field, she knows that you deserve upfront information about your legal case and to be kept informed as it unfolds. She works as hard as possible to protect your interests at each phase of your case.

Meet Meghan Glushenko


The reputation and the talent you need on board with complex criminal cases that could impact your military career.

Meghan has a reputation in the field for working as hard as possible on behalf of accused clients. Her trial advocacy prowess has led to several distinctions and she leverages that experience and knowledge when working to protect client rights.

Meghan graduated with Honors from the Temple LL.M. in trial advocacy program.  She received the Judge Advocate General’s School Award for Excellence in Advocacy in 2011, the Overall Best Advocate Award from the Syracuse University College of Law Criminal Defense Clinic in 2005, the Best Cross-Examiner at the Buffalo-Niagara Trial Competition in 2004, and was named the All American Attorney by the American Mock Trial Association in 2001.

Meghan Glushenko’s Personal Views

Meghan’s approach to the law on behalf of clients is to consider the long-range consequences and the opportunities available at each stage of the case. Where possible, she uses evidence and preparatory techniques that help to avoid further action that could affect your record and career. When it’s not possible to avoid the escalation of a criminal defense case, she crafts a defense strategy with your best interests in mind.

Known not only for ensuring that each client’s rights are represented to the fullest, Meghan has experience training other lawyers in the field. As Chief Military Justice for the U.S. Army Special Forces Command, she was responsible for providing training, oversight, and support to eleven subordinate prosecutors.

Recognizing the need for better training opportunities, she also developed a comprehensive program covering pre-trial investigation techniques, charging decisions, victim interview techniques, theme & theory development, use of technology in the courtroom, and cross-examination. Meghan is an adjunct professor of trial advocacy in the Temple LL.M. in trial advocacy program.