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Meghan Glushenko is licensed to practice law in North Carolina, Maryland, and The District of Columbia.  Ms. Glushenko has an exclusively federal practice limited to military criminal and administrative defense for Soldiers at Fort Bragg. Her practice includes the services outlined below. If you have a different issue, Ms. Glushenko may be able to provide you with a referral.  

Administrative Separations

Administrative Separation Hearings require much of the same preparation as a military court-martial and Meghan Glushenko treats them just as seriously.  You can expect that Ms. Glushenko will conduct pre-hearing investigation of your case, file discovery requests, interview witnesses, prepare questions for the board members, develop a theme and theory for your case, prepare and conduct an opening statement, direct, cross examinations and a closing argument.  Ms. Glushenko frequently uses visual aids and persuasive storytelling techniques to argue your case.  

Court Martial Defense

Military criminal trials require pre-trial investigation, interaction with law enforcement, crime scene visits, real evidence examination, case law research, victim, lay witness, character witness and expert witness interviews, pre-trial hearings, drafting of pre-trial motions, stipulations, discovery requests, electronic docketing requests, preparation and delivery of opening statements, direct examination, cross examination, closing arguments, preparation of a sentencing case, and the ability to make and meet objections pursuant to the Military Rules of Evidence. Meghan Glushenko can provide all of these services for you.  In general, her representation of you begins when you enter into a representation agreement with her and ends after submission of post-trial clemency matters.

GOMOR Rebuttals

Written reprimands are serious punishment that can trigger administrative separations.  Because written reprimands are potentially career ending, it is important to put together a solid case arguing for your reprimand to be put aside all together or to be filed in your local file.  Meghan Glushenko will review the investigation, contact character witnesses and request letters of support, familiarize herself with your unique career history, write a rebuttal, and help you assemble a book that persuasively explains your case.   

Traffic Tickets

Did you get a Fort Bragg traffic ticket? No matter who you are, this is an upsetting situation to be in. Many clients are most concerned with the potential insurance increases that come with a ticket. Importantly, your ability to drive on Fort Bragg may be jeopardized as well.  Simply paying off your traffic ticket is a guilty plea, and can have serious negative consequences such as insurance surcharges, points on your license, and potential impacts to your Fort Bragg on-post driving privileges.   Gaining just 1 insurance point can result in insurance surcharges of 25%!